Healthy Living in the South Bay

Living in the South Bay community here in Southern California is a dream come true for many of us in the community. With year-round sunshine here (well… minus June gloom), beautiful beaches, and a supportive community, it is a harmonious place for us to live and raise our children.

People living in the beach cities are generally health conscious and live an active lifestyle. It totally makes sense when you spend the majority of your time in a flip flops, shorts and bathing suits! Living in the beach cities also means we have an abundance of resources to help us with health and longevity. We are lucky to have an abundance of healthcare facilities, fitness gyms and access to organic, healthy foods.

Here are a few of my favorite local spots:

Coreology in Manhattan Beach: The workouts are intense, but I can modify the exercises to match my current fitness level. The results you get from these workouts are AMAZING! It’s important to activate the right muscle groups during each exercise, so don’t hesitate to ask your instructors for assistance.